Hello followers so I have a really seemingly dumb thing that I need help with. Ok so long story short I might have a crush on someone I only met like 3 times? But like I went to school with him. He’s a year older than me. I added him on Facebook a couple weeks ago because I was all OH I REMEMBER YOU and stuff, and it turns out that he’s like super cool and nerdy and chill. And he’s a Christian Liberal (I never thought I’d find someone like me) and is all for equal rights and such. He makes witty statuses about LOTR and The Onion and Star Wars and is just super cool in that aspect. He’s also not bad looking at all. And I really really really want to get to know him better than just from scrolling down his wall. Like…. How do I just start a random conversation with him? I really just kind of want to get to know him but have no idea how to talk or flirt or function around boys I may possibly like? Like… Help? Please? Anyone?

I mean my ask box is open, answerrrr… :)
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  1. llamaindisguise said: AWW STACEY HOW ADORBS who is it?? and i mean if he posts stuff about like lotr or other stuff you like you should message him one day and be like “i saw your post about (insert thing here) and i am in that fandom too!” or like something like that :)
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